Sunday, 22 March 2015

Design Patterns:Three layred or Tiered architechture

This article will provide you the basic knowledge of Layered architecture.

3 tier architecture
What is layer- A layer is a reusable code that can be used any where, in any project.
in .net a layer is setup as a project.
We can have multiple layers to segregate our project.
We are going to discuss three layered architecture here. in three layered architecture we have three layers:
1.Data Access Layer
2.Business Logic Layer
3.Presentation Logic Layer

1.Data Access Layer(DAL)- Data access layer is basically used to interact with database. We use to access database in this layer. BAL layer interact with DAL to interact with database. BAL call DAL function to send and receive data to database.

2.Business Access Layer(BAL)-BAL layer is basically used to define business logic, calculations, conversions and all the stuff that is required by Presentation Layer.

3.Presentation Logic Layer- This layer is basically used for user interface. Presentation layer always interact to BAL layer for any data required or to send any data to database.

Benifits of layered architecture:
1.Easy to maintain of code. Because all layers are seperated from other so we can change to any layer easyily.
2.Reusability of code: We can use the code anywhere in the same project or any other project using reference.
3.Provide a segregated architecutre.

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